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Cloud based BMO Membership System stores all data on the internet. No hardware setup, no security issues. Constant software updates with complete support, all from our end. All you need is just internet to access your business anywhere, anytime.

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It comes with various features which can help you in managing your members relationship.

  • Paperless records, no more Excel!
  • Cloud base membership system
  • Access BMO Membership System using regular internet browsers and mobile phones
  • Manage your members, payment and commission all in one user panel
  • Low cost comprehensive membership system

Benefits of our Membership Management System


Discounts for Membership


IC Card Reader


Info Sharing for Multiple Branches


Loyalty Program


Prepaid Member Credits for Later Use


Member Points Accumulation


Member Profiles


Membership Card


Membership Expiry Date


Membership Fees


Purchase History



Comprehensive Features

No more cash flow issues and let BMO Membership System handles all recurring payments automatically down to everything about your members.


Member Database Management

BMO Cloud-based membership database is designed to perform various operations like Adding, Searching, Reporting and Analysis of members data such as quotations, invoices, member join and renewal dates, annual fees reminder and more.

Custom Member Categories

Easily setup your association’s member directory and add and search members in multiple categories of your choice. Visual, searchable and mobile-friendly members listings which include member’s logo, profile pictures, personal information, bank account numbers and etc.



Integrated CRM System

Our Membership Management System is integrated with CRM System Modules that allows you to automate any engagement activities your sales person take with contacts and convert them into potential leads for your marketing goals. All within the same business solution system.

Integrated POS System

If you are already using our POS Market POS System, its easy for your customers to join your store’s membership program. Our membership system is readily integrated with POS Market POS system. Customers can sign up directly from the POS terminal and join your program wherever your counter is. Adding value to customer experience one of the keys leading to businesses success.



Commission Checking

Our Membership Management System are designed with commission checking features. This features increase sales efficiently by integrated custom reports. The software keeps track of all what sales team need in one platform with real-time information and simplified reports management, detailed reporting and analytics.

Reward Points

By rewarding recurring engagement, you can increase customer loyalty and ensure continuous growth for your business. The idea behind an effective loyalty program is that the more loyal customers are, the more rewards they’ll get.


Online Membership System Subscription Fees

CurrencyMalaysia Ringgit (MYR)US Dollars (USD)Singapore Dollar (SGD)
MonthlyPay 1 monthPay 6 months
(5% discount)
Pay 12 months
(20% discount)
MonthlyPay 1 monthPay 6 months
(5% discount)
Pay 12 months
(20% discount)
MonthlyPay 1 monthPay 6 months
(5% discount)
Pay 12 months
(20% discount)

This table is explain about membership subscription services for monthly and annually.

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