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Powerful member management tool!Check out the numerous options and features that Membership Online includes.

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Online Membership Management System

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Membership System Login

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Comprehensive Features

cloud membership system

No more cash flow issues and let BMO Membership System handles all recurring payments automatically down to everything about your members.

  • Member database management
  • Custom member search
  • Integrated CRM System
  • Integrated POS System
  • Commission checking
  • Reward Points

Build & Grow Your Company

cloud membership system

It comes with various features which can help you in managing your members relationship.

  • Paperless records, no more Excel!
  • Cloud base membership system
  • Access BMO Membership System using regular internet browsers and mobile phones!
  • Manage you members, payment and commission all in one user panel.
  • Low cost comprehensive membership system

Online Membership System Subscription Fees

CurrencyMalaysia Ringgit (RM)US Dollars (USD)Singapore Dollar (SGD)
BranchPay 1 monthPay 6 MonthPay 12 monthPay 1 monthPay 6 MonthPay 12 monthPay 1 monthPay 6 MonthPay 12 month
5 and aboveIf you plan to subscribe online membership system for more than 1 year or have more than 5 branches, please contact our sales representatives to get a quote.

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User Friendly Membership System

BMO Membership Management System is designed and developed by a team of experienced developers who understand how a great membership system should work. Seamlessly integrated with Point of Sales System through modules such as member contact, reward points and member commissions. Run your daily business effectively with BMO feature rich membership system.

Choose BMO Membership System to create a loyal member base for your company and watch it grow!

Grow Your Members Base Easily

BMO Membership System user friendly interface will help your employees to handle your company operations more efficiently and connect better with your members. Using BMO membership system will enable you to bring your business volume to the next level. Our online membership system is proven effective for SMEs and local businesses as you save time for daily administrative tasks and the system is very easy to use.